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Chelsea Building Society revises savings account rates

16 May 2005
Chelsea Building Society has announced revised rates for its Fixed Rate Options and ClicknSave savings accounts.

The range includes a one-year, two-year and ClicknSave option effective from last weekend.

The one-year fixed rate option, allowing investment of between £1,000 and £500,000, now carries gross annual rates of 5.00 per cent and monthly rates of 4.89 per cent, and 5.00 per cent annual equivalent rate (AER).

Gross rates rise to 5.05 per cent annually, 4.94 per cent monthly and 5.05 per cent AER on the two-year fixed rate option, and 5.10 per cent annually, 4.98 per cent monthly and 5.10 per cent AER for the ClicknSave plan.

For all options, annual interest is paid from July 1st 2006. Withdrawals made before the end of the fixed rate term forfeit 90 days' worth of interest.

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