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IFA Promotion: Finances too important not to see a professional

27 April 2006
Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) Promotion, claims that mortgages, investments and life savings vehicles are too important for individuals not to seek professional advice.

Mortgage and savings packages can affect the rest of your adult life so must be dealt with in the correct way, which means doing the best thing to suit your own personal circumstances and finding the best deals available, marketing director Karen Barrett says.

"There are a lot of mortgage deals to choose from and doing this on your own can be quite daunting," Ms Barrett commented.

"Weigh up all the benefits of the mortgage you are being offered and think about other deals available," she continued. "An IFA will be able to help you find these deals and make some savings."

IFA Promotion also urged consumers to use the potential of an IFA to the full, as they will have the market knowledge to tell you what products may be right for you when it comes to savings and investments around the basic mortgage itself.

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