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Lloyds TSB: Scottish property boom 'subsides'

18 November 2005
The Scottish property boom is finally subsiding, according to the latest Lloyds TSB Scotland House Price Monitor.

The bank found the quarterly index for the average Scottish property rose by 0.8 per cent, yielding an average house price of almost £130,000.

Chief economist, Lloyds TSB Scotland, Professor Donald McRae, said: "Although there are wide variations across Scotland, there is now clear evidence that the annual rate of increase in average prices is slowing to a level much more consistent with the average annual increase of earnings of four to five per cent."

Average house prices varied across Scotland, but Edinburgh still remained the most expensive place to buy a home, with the average house costing just over £178,000.

An average house in Glasgow will now set you back £130,175, a house in Aberdeen just over £137,000 and a home in Dundee just under £120,000.

Lloyds TSB is currently offering a range of mortgage offers in conjunction with its mortgage partner C&G.

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