Lloyds mobile service makes mortgages easier

15 June 2007
Lloyds TSB has introduced a new mobile phone text service designed to make the process of a mortgage application that little bit easier for homeowners.

Sorting out your mortgage can be a time-consuming affair, with several stages making up the process from the moment you apply to when everything is given the all-clear.

The Lloyds service will therefore give those applying for a mortgage peace of mind by providing text updates throughout.

Messages will include 'application received', 'application authorised' and 'offer letter issued', as well as a final confirmation message to verify everything has gone smoothly.

Mike Mitchell, mortgage and customer services director at Lloyds TSB, commented: "Buying a house can be very stressful, particularly keeping track of everything that is going on.

"Knowing that you will be updated at all key stages of your mortgage application process - no matter where you are - will give you piece of mind that things are going smoothly."

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