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Mortgage advisors rated top by landlords

02 August 2005
Mortgage advisors have been given the thumbs up by landlords, in a survey on the various organisations involved in the buy-to-let process.

The Mortgage Trust has revealed that 50 per cent of landlords quizzed in the survey said mortgage advisers had the right balance of high quality of service and value for money.

Lawyers came in second, with 46 per cent rating them highly for quality of service, though only 36 per cent thought they presented good value for money.

Nicola Severn, marketing manager at Mortgage Trust, commented on the findings: "Landlords are obviously very pleased with the level of service they receive from mortgage advisers and feel that they enjoy good value for money.

"This confidence among landlords puts paid to the theory that the non-regulatory environment of buy-to-let has attracted rogue intermediaries, and shows that mortgage advisers are providing an efficient and valuable service to today’s landlords."

Estate agents are not faring well in the landlords' esteem however, with only 21 per cent identifying them as presenting good value for money, while 19 per cent ranked them for their quality of service.

"Estate agents are clearly finding it difficult to convince landlords that they can really add value," Ms Severn added.

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