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Newcastle offers two new fixed rate mortgages

28 July 2005
Newcastle Building Society has announced the launch of two new attractive fixed rate mortgages.

One is a two-year fixed rate that charges 4.22 per cent up to September 30th 2007 for loans up to 90 per cent LTV.

The second is a five-year product that offers a 4.46 per cent fixed rate until September 30th 2010.

Steve Urwin, from Newcastle said: "When it comes to mortgages, competitive rates are of primary importance. That's why Newcastle is offering their new two- and five-year fixed rate mortgages, which offer the best rates available in the market."

A completion fee from £499 is in play along with an early redemption charge of three per cent of the outstanding balance during the term of the fixed rate.

The minimum advance is £15,000 and the maximum £500,000. No extended tie-ins are available.

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