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Northern Rock introduces new mortgage products

05 August 2006
Northern Rock has introduced a new range of mortgage products which combine a secured home loan with an unsecured personal loan. Northern Rock have cut rates by up to 0.20% on their Together range.

Northern Rock’s marketing director Allison Thompson said “The reduction in rates on our Together mortgage range will appeal to all types of borrowers but especially first time buyers looking to step on to the housing ladder. Together offers customers the option of taking an unsecured loan up to £30,000 at the same rate as their mortgage. The loan could be used for many purposes such as paying stamp duty or consolidating existing debts”.

The Northern Rock mortgage together range provides customers with the option of paying a slightly higher rate of interest in exchange for not paying a Product fee. In addition there is a £700 “Help with Costs” option, and flexibility as standard allowing customers to make unlimited penalty free overpayments, underpayments & payment holiday options. Allison Thompson went on to say “We believe that all these features offer a very attractive overall product proposition that will appeal to a broad range of customers and mortgage brokers. These features are in keeping with our commitment to openness, transparency and fair treatment with customers.” .

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