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Parents re-mortgage to help their children

10 June 2005
Parents are re-mortgaging their own homes to help they children get on to the property ladder.

Research by SG Hambro discovered that parental help is often the only way young people can afford to purchase a property because of increased student debts and rising city centre house prices.

Christine Ross, head of financial planning at SG Hambro, speaking on the Today programme, said: "An awful lot of young adults now start off life in debt because of the cost of education."

"If they want to travel mainly to cities to work or to secure higher paid jobs or jobs in the area they are qualified to work in they just cannot get on the housing ladder."

Ms Ross also raised concerns that some parents could be putting their own financial security at risk by using retirement savings to help their offspring.

Parents are being advised to consider jointly investing with their children so that both parties can enjoy the benefits and returns.

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