Quarter of home-movers get the keys in run up to Christmas

19 November 2007
One in four people who move home each year do so in the run up to Christmas, a survey by Alliance & Leicester has found.

While spring is often seen as the most popular time to up sticks, the research has found the 12 week period leading up to Christmas is also a common time for buyers to find a new home, with 22 per cent getting the keys while juggling Christmas shopping and staying in control of their spending.

According to the survey, eight per cent of movers were found to be willing to move in December in addition to planning for Christmas; furthermore, half of them manage to stay on top of their spending and prevent the upheaval of moving house from disrupting their budget for the festive season.

Ten per cent save up to ready themselves for the additional expense of moving at Christmas time, nine per cent tighten their purse strings and are prepared to cut back on other expenditures, and just two per cent of Christmas movers said they rely on credit cards or loans to fund the festive season as a result of the expense of moving house simultaneously.

Stephen Leonard, Director of Mortgages at Alliance & Leicester, said: “With so many people moving into their new homes during the run-up to Christmas it can feel like a rush to get the family settled and the new furniture ordered before December 25th.

“But it is very encouraging to see many people are planning ahead to budget for their moving costs and saving in advance to ensure it doesn’t have a big impact on their Christmas. Clearly planning ahead, budgeting and saving are the key to a less stressful move.”

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