Relocating abroad could save you money

06 May 2005
Not only could a place in the sun bring you your dream lifestyle and improved quality of life, it could also give your bank balance a much-needed boost.

Research conducted by the Fresh Start Show found that the cost of living was higher in the UK across the board than in almost all other countries.

The study compared the price of several everyday items, including a Big Mac, a litre of fuel and a cinema ticket, in various countries, and the UK topped the balance in every category.

A cinema ticket, for instance, will set you back an average of £6.50 in the UK, compared with £5.50 in France, £4.00 in Spain and a paltry £1.20 in South Africa.

"It's not surprising so many people want to move abroad considering how expensive everything is in Britain," comments Nick Clark, managing director of Homebuyer Events, which is organising the expo.

"Cheaper living costs and a better overall quality of life are enticing Brits by the plane load."

The Fresh Start Show runs at London's ExCeL centre from 13th to 15th May, offering advice on every aspect of moving abroad.
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