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Savvy shoppers pushing lenders harder

27 May 2006
According to findings by high street bank Standard Life, mortgage shoppers are getting savvier and seeking more comprehensive advice before choosing products.

The bank reported that around 55 per cent of viewings of its Freestyle+ movie series, which offers financial advice for different products and borrowing areas, centred on the buy-to-let mortgage sector.

Almost one in five of those who viewed the buy-to-let films was interested specifically in finding out how the industry could aid their retirement funds.

"It's great to see that consumers are getting more adventurous with their financial products, and particularly mortgages, which have historically been regarded as just a necessary evil," said Nicola Tait, Indigo mortgage brokers' business development director.

"We've witnessed the same demand for more hard-working mortgages from our own clients and it's always satisfying to show them how their mortgage can make a real difference to their lifestyle.

"We often recommend Freestyle+ to our savvier mortgage hunters as a great first port of call," Ms Tait concluded.

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