Skipton announces two-year fixed mortgage

14 July 2005
There is a now new two-year fixed rate mortgage on the market thanks to Skipton Building Society.

It has launched its new market-leading mortgage with a rate of 4.29 per cent.

The loan, for property purchasers only, means borrowers taking on a £100,000 repayment mortgage will be paying back just £544 for their initial monthly repayments.

There is no application fee and the added bonus of no extended tie-ins, along with free accident, sickness and unemployment (ASU) cover for six months.

The head of media relations at Skipton Building Society, Jennifer Holloway, commented: "For anyone purchasing a property and looking for the best rate on the market - look no further.

"Skipton's new two-year fixed rate mortgage has a rate that speaks for itself and the icing on the cake is that there is no application fee and no extended tie-ins.

"Add to this our award winning service for processing mortgages quickly and borrowers have a deal to shout about."

After October 31st 2007 the mortgage reverts to the society's residential SVR, which is currently 6.09 per cent.

The UK's seventh largest building society is the only building society to gain six 'Financial Adviser Five-Star Service Awards'.

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