TMB introduces new fixed rate mortgages

03 August 2005
The Mortgage Business (TMB) has announced that it is slashing its two and three year fixed rate mortgage to 5.35 per cent.

The two-year deal will now be fixed at 5.35 per cent until the end of 2007, when it changes to a 1.79 per cent base rate tracker with an APR of 6.6 per cent, which stays in place until the end of the agreement.

The three year mortgage remains at 5.35 per cent until 2008, when it also switches to a 1.79 per cent base rate tracker, but with a slightly lesser APR of 6.5 per cent.

Bill Dudgeon, managing director of TMB, told the Mortgage Finance Gazette: "TMB continually re-evaluates its rates and products to give brokers the best possible deal.

"In its niche area, TMB's rates are competitive and represent our commitment to our introducers."

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