Welsh top UK for paying off the mortgage

08 March 2005
A new survey from the Royal Bank of Scotland has found that Wales has the highest proportion of people who own their homes outright, having paid off their mortgages.

Wales is also ahead of the national average for the age at which people pay off their mortgages.

The average figure for Wales is just 50 years of age.

"This means that, for many people in Wales, a mortgage-free future may, in fact, be less of a distant dream than they imagined", Paul Thwaite of RBS Offset Service told the BBC.

Southgate in Swansea records the highest proportion of residents who own their homes outright, according to the survey, at 56 per cent.

It is followed by Benllech in Anglesey, and Bishopston, also in Swansea.

RBS also found that almost half of Welsh mortgage-holders believed that paying off their mortgages would be the single most significant thing that could be done to ensure their sense of financial security.

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