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Women have final say about financial decisions, research suggests

09 March 2005
Research by GMAC-RFC, the UK's 12th largest mortgage lender, suggests that women are three times more likely to have the final say about pensions, savings and mortgages than their partners.

The majority of those questioned said financial decisions were taken jointly, but only seven per cent of women in relationships said they left their partner to worry about money matters, and almost a quarter admitted they made the majority of decisions on their own.

Regarding mortgages specifically, the women surveyed were twice as likely as men to have final say.

"Traditionally financial decisions were seen as the man's domain, but this research shows most couples are discussing financial matters and making joint decisions," commented Anna Bennett, marketing manager at GMAC-RFC.

"If one person is responsible, according to women it is three times as likely to be the woman."

Ms Bennett added: "Women's increased spending power obviously means they now have a more than equal say in their finances."

Women do not seem to be absuing their newfound financial power, however.

Overall, 70 per cent of the couples questioned said they made joint decisions and more than four mortgage decisions in five were made with the input of both partners.

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