Yorkshire Bank: Discount mortgages for financial shock

19 April 2007
Home buyers who have recently purchased a new property are being advised to take into account the full costs of the move.

Research carried out by Yorkshire Bank Mortgages shows that once a deal has been completed, too many homeowners think that is the end of the big spending.

Nearly one in two neglected to consider the legal fees and stamp duty that are part and parcel of buying a house, while a third feel the pressure from unexpected house bills.

Moving home often coincides with expanding a family as well, so it was of little surprise to see one in ten women forgetting to budget for the arrival of a baby during the stress of buying a new home.

Gary Lumby, head of retail at Yorkshire Bank, said: "It is too easy to quickly move on to thoughts of redecorating and building a new conservatory as soon as the offer is accepted, failing to factor in all the costs of a new home.

"Overlooking costs such as surveys and stamp duty is asking for trouble when, as our survey suggests, there are likely to be less predictable expenses as well."

He suggested that a discount mortgage could prove beneficial to those moving into a new home, as it allows lower interest rates on repayment for certain periods of time.

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