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Yorkshire Building Society announces new mortgage range

17 May 2005
A new mortgage range from Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) will be available from tomorrow.

The range includes fixed rate deals for two, five and ten years, fixed offset mortgages and two-year tracker deals.

"A significant number of people are now coming to the end of what were extremely competitive two year fixed rate deals - only to discover that as interest rates have risen over the period, the cost of replacement deals is now substantially higher," said Rachel Court, head of mortgages at YBS.

Rates for the fixed rate deals are highly competitive, including 4.69 per cent for the five-year fixed and 4.99 per cent for the ten-year fixed.

"The five year product is a cracking rate and gives an opportunity to fix for a longer period at the same rate as two years - avoiding the type of refinancing shock that many borrowers are currently experiencing, plus all the cost and hassle of shopping around every couple of years," Ms Court added.

The Bank of England Tracker deal offers a variable rate, starting at base rate (4.75 per cent) for two years. The two and five year tracker ranges also have a fee-assist option.

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