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Brits worryingly unaware about their financial worth

10 May 2005
Research has revealed that British people are worryingly unaware about their financial assets.

According to the Lifetime Group, more than half British adults (52 per cent) are unable to place a value on their total savings, investments and pensions.

The research indicated that savers particularly lack control over their retirement plans, with 30 per cent saying they felt they were not on top of their level of income at retirement.

In fact, despite the fact that the course of true love does not run smooth, people seem twice as likely to feel in control of their love lives than their retirement plans, the research reveals.

"We firmly believe that there are four simple questions which all investors have a right to find answers to - what have I got, how is it doing, am I on track, what do I do next?" said Jeremy Bradburne, chief executive of the Lifetime Group.

"Our research concludes that too many people feel they have little control over their finances."

Taking control of your financial planning can be a great weight off your mind, and is very likely to pay dividends in economic terms.

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