Consumer groups to have input into personal accounts

19 October 2007
It is essential that consumer groups have a hand in developing plans for the personal accounts scheme, the government believes.

For that reason, such groups are to be given a "key role" in setting up the new system, the Department for Work and Pensions has announced.

A consumer representative committee will be appointed to work with the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA).

Its role will be to advise the PADA on leading consumer issues.

Chairwoman Jeannie Drake says that consumer representation "is vital to the success of the scheme and the work of the delivery authority".

"It is essential that people feel it is their scheme, that their voice is heard and that the scheme is responsive to their needs," she adds.

Among the groups invited to have a role in the committee are Which?, Citizens Advice and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

Pensions minister Mike O'Brien recently declared that personal accounts will make it easier for people to save money.

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