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NAPF finds employees conscious of workplace pensions need

29 May 2007
Having a workplace pension is important to three in four Britons, a study from the National Association of Pensions Funds (NAPF) has shown.

More than half the people of working age surveyed said that getting a pension with your job was very important.

Two in three people even said they would choose a lower paid job with higher pensions provision over a higher income job with no pension attached, all other things being equal.

In proof British workers are increasingly looking to the future, only 32 per cent said they would jump at the chance of a higher salary and think about sorting out their pension later.

The government insists the personal pensions account scheme it is preparing to introduce in 2012 is intended to supplement, not substitute, workplace pensions.

Meanwhile, NAPF has proposed introducing 'good pension quality marks' which would help employees make an informed choice of future workplace on the basis of the quality of pensions provision offered.

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