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Pensions savings should start younger, warns parents

14 June 2010 / by Lois Avery

Pension savings should be a priority for children, according to 47 per cent of parents.

Research from Aviva has shown that almost half of parents would rather their children invested in their pensions earlier, rather than putting all their money into property.

A third of the parents surveyed said they would even be prepared to help their children start their pension funds.

As Britain begins to emerge from a recession many adults have said that the UK relies too heavily on property investment and that youngsters should be encouraged to save for their futures outside of the housing market – which has been unsteady over the last two years.

The Aviva Pensions Ladder report Aviva surveyed 1,000 UK homeowners, of which over half had teenage children.

It revealed that 88 per cent of parents are worried about their child's financial futures, with seven in ten concerned there will be no state pension by the time they reach retirement. Others worry their children will have to work past retirement age be unable to afford to pay their bills when they stop working or sacrifice pension payments to get on the property ladder.

Now, they are warning children not to repeat their own money mistakes with 11 per cent saying they regret investing only in property.

Property expert Sofie Allsopp, who reviewed the research for Aviva, said: "Bricks and mortar are a good investment but the recession has served us with a painful wake up call that property values can go down as well as up.

"Hoping property prices will be on the up by the time you retire is too big a gamble to take with your financial future - parents are right to urge kids to climb both the pensions ladder and property ladder."

Paul Goodwin, head of pensions at Aviva said: "We want to help people do everything they can to afford the lifestyle they would like in retirement. All too often people put off saving for the future, but individuals really need to make sure that they're doing something about it today.

"Relying solely on property is a risk and it's far more sensible to spread your savings for the future in both your home and a pension plan."

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