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Prudential: Buying lunch means pensions lose £23,000

09 November 2004
Buying lunch every day instead of making it at home could cost workers £23,000 from their pension fund, according to the Prudential.

The pension provider worked out that if all workers in the UK started making their own midday meals, instead of buying them at the supermarket or the office canteen, we would save £6.8 billion annually.

On an individual basis, if every employee put the money they saved by making their own food into a pension plan, then over 25 years they would accumulate £23,000 in a personal pension.

"We aren't suggesting that making sandwiches is the answer to the pensions gap. However the research does illustrate there are many simple steps that we can take to improve our personal finances," said Angus Maciver, director of customer insight, Prudential UK.

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