Prudential uses podcast to get pensions message across

24 July 2006
Life insurance group Prudential is to use a podcast featuring comedian Tony Hawks to reach out to people who ordinarily may not be informed about pensions.

As the UK's largest pension provider, Prudential says it is obligated to try to explore new ways to get people to pay into pensions, as figures show declining numbers of investors, particularly among young people.

"Audio technology has advanced greatly over the years and there's no question that with the advance of the MP3 player a whole new world of communication has opened up," said Ali Crossley, retirement income director for Prudential.

"We realise that an increasing number of people use the internet to assist them in their financial planning, and that's why we have developed this retirement podcast for people to download and learn about the options available to them in retirement."

Mr Crossley also stressed the importance of starting savings early in order to secure a financial future and to keep abreast of your money situation to help with forward planning.

The podcast is a "light-hearted question and answer session" between Hawks and an advisor from Prudential and runs for approximately ten minutes.

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