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Unbiased customers covet pensions advice

19 January 2007
The top topic for requests for independent financial advice was personal retirement planning in the last quarter of 2006, with over 120,000 requests submitted by customers, has announced.

The independent financial advice promotion site received three per cent more requests than during the same period in 2005, suggesting that Britons have been galvanised by the new pensions bill into thinking hard about managing their finances after retirement.

"With the debate on provision for income in retirement intensifying, it is most reassuring to know that more and more consumers are ensuring they get the best possible advice," commented David Elms,'s chief executive.

Work and pensions secretary John Hutton this week promised that the "radical proposals" in the pensions bill, currently receiving its second reading in parliament, would "dramatically alter the pensions landscape".

The government hopes that 90 per cent of women will have full pensions entitlement by 2020 with the introduction of new provisions to allow for time spent outside formal employment to count towards pensions funds.

The second and third most popular financial advice topics, according to, were investments and savings (23 per cent) and mortgages (21 per cent).

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