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Women not saving say Clerical Medical

09 November 2004
Clerical Medical has said that the current generation of women are more concerned with enjoying themselves than saving for the future.

This 'Bridget Jones effect' means that while 71 per cent of women surveyed feel their number one priority was to enjoy themselves, just 14 per cent of people would pay off debts if they had spare money at the end of the month.

Encouragingly 90 per cent of these have savings accounts - but a mere 39 per cent have personal pensions.

This in some way can be linked to the attitude of: No matter how much you plan for the future "what will be will be". This was believed by 83 per cent of those surveyed.

"The results of the survey give us an interesting insight into the attitudes of today's carefree women," said Sue Tunstall, marketing director, Clerical Medical.

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