Women taking control of their finances

25 June 2003 / by None
More women are taking more control of household finances than ever before, according to new research.

The survey by market analyst Mintel found that women are becoming increasingly confident about managing their money and are more likely to handle day-to-day accounts at home, such as paying bills and organising credit.

The study of 2,000 women also found that women are exerting more control over longer-term plans, such as pensions, mortgages and investments, and looking for the best savings accounts to make the most of their money.

More than three out of four respondents felt confident about handling their finances, compared with just half five years ago.

Six in ten of the women surveyed had a current account in their own name and just under half of them owned a credit card.

Paul Davies, senior finance analyst at Mintel commented, "The financial services industry would be well advised to avoid treating their female customers as being less knowledgeable about financial matters than men in the UK."