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'Wide variety' of investors head to Thailand

23 August 2007
A variety of investors are setting their sights on Thailand's property market, which continues to attract various different types of investor according to experts.

Representatives at David Stanley Redfern maintain that the Thai property market is proving attractive to investors looking for pure investment opportunities, holiday home purchasers and business buyers alike, underlining the varied appeal of the market at large.

Meanwhile Thailand continues to enjoy a strong tourism trade, with over 850,000 UK tourists having visited the country in 2006.

Jason Killingback, sales adviser at David Stanley Redfern, asserts that the market is attractive to "a whole array" of investors.

"We get people looking for investment, people looking for a holiday homes [and] people looking to use [a property] for a couple of months work," he states.

He adds that interest is being seen in beach properties and resorts as well as urban developments in city areas.

Cheap air travel has also been identified as a key factor in increased interest in Asian property markets.

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