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Advisors and investors split over property

24 March 2004
Independent financial advisors (IFAs) and private investors are divided over whether to invest in property.

While the most popular choice for the public to invest in is property, 48 per cent of IFAs would go for growth funds.

The second most popular choice for financial advisors was buy-to-let properties - this was chosen by 23 per cent of IFAs. But 40 per cent of the general public think putting their money in bricks and mortar, through the buy-to-let market.

Invesco Perpetual, who had surveys conducted on their behalf by Survey Shop and You Gov, have released findings that show independent financial advisors and investors are not in agreement with one another.

Mike Webb, head of distribution at Invesco Perpetual says relying solely on property is risky business:

"We believe there is a place for property in everyone's portfolio, but as with any investment choice, people should not rely on just one sector.

"Whilst annual house price inflation currently stands at 17.8 per cent, those people who stayed out of the stock market last year could have already missed out on returns of approximately 32 per cent over the past 12 months."

Mr Webb says the message is simple "People should have a diversified portfolio, made up of a number of different investment vehicles, aimed at maximising their return potential and minimising their exposure to risk."