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All-day pubs 'deter' homebuyers

21 February 2006
The government's extension of pub licensing hours has led to many homebuyers avoiding 24-hour drinking establishments when buying property, according to new figures.

Around two in five homebuyers said that they are put off by houses which are in close proximity to all-hours pubs because they do not want to have drunkards on their doorsteps throughout the day.

This is according to a survey by the Yorkshire Bank, which also indicated that first-time buyers were less put off.

Just 27 per cent of first-time buyers were deterred by 24-hour pubs close to their prospective property, compared to nearly 40 per cent of other buyers.

"First-time buyers are traditionally aged under 35 so the prospect of living near a pub for many will be seen as a positive rather than a negative," said Gary Lumby, head of retail at the Yorkshire.

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