Assetz: Canadian ski property on the up

20 October 2006
Property investors in the UK are being advised to look into opportunities to buy skiing properties in Canada to take advantage of an approaching boom.

Assetz, an investment adviser based in Britain, has said that cheap flights from the UK to various Canadian cities offered British skiers more opportunities than ever to travel to the much-vaunted North American slopes.

With the number of UK skiers heading across the Atlantic increasing year by year, Assetz urges property investors to look into buying chalets on the slopes that will bring in revenue as resorts near cities like Calgary and Vancouver expand.

House price growth in Canadian resorts is expected to hit 11.2 per cent annually by the end of 2006, largely down to an influx of tourist revenue, and this makes for excellent investment potential, the company said.

Low-fare airlines like Air Transat, Zoom and Canadian Affair are all now offering cheaper air travel to bring North American skiing holidays more in line with the price of a European trip.

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