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Assetz: Regeneration fuels property investment

28 February 2006
Property investors are being attracted by areas in which there is large regeneration, according to new research.

Areas such as London and Manchester are luring the investors because of the strong returns available.

Elephant & Castle and Stratford in London, as well as parts of Manchester city centre, are experiencing strong regeneration, which means the property in these areas is available at below average prices.

Activity in these areas is increasing as investors want to take advantage of the cheap prices now in order to benefit in five to seven years when the areas become more attractive and expensive, according to property investment company Assetz.

Stuart Law, managing director of Assetz, said: "When developers move in, they drive the regeneration process, improving the area and providing infrastructure for the properties they are building.

"Investors can choose whether to invest in existing housing which will rise alongside the more expensive new build, or buy new properties that will attract incoming tenants for less expensive areas within the city."

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