Bradford & Bingley finds homeowners want to stay put

09 November 2006
More than eight in ten homeowners aged over 50 want to stay in their current home for as long as possible, according to new research from Bradford & Bingley.

The study reveals that 26 per cent are prepared to work beyond pensionable age or even to return to work to achieve this.

But Bradford & Bingley's head of lifetime mortgages, Gus Park, has warned older homeowners resistant to the idea of freeing up capital by selling their homes may need to modify their expectations.

While respondents estimated that £18,000 a year would fund a comfortable retirement, those actually in retirement cited an average income of £11,800 a year.

The basic state pension gives each couple just over £7,000 per year.

Although only one in five respondents would consider downsizing their homes, "many will have to face some tough decisions if they are to make ends meet", Mr Park said.

"Given the clear desire to retain financial independence in retirement, releasing equity from the home looks set to become an increasingly popular option", he added.

For now, however, homeowners are clearly reluctant, looking on retirement as a time to enjoy the good things in life, including a much-loved family home.

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