Britons move 2.6 times after buying first home

26 July 2006
According to a recent survey by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the average UK homeowner moves 2.6 times throughout their property-owning life.

The research found that residents in East Anglia were the most likely to move, with eight per cent saying they had moved more than ten times, while Londoners seem happiest in their surroundings – one in five respondents said they had never moved house after their first purchase.

Age is a key factor dividing the habits of homeowners in the UK, it seems.

The vast majority (96 per cent) of respondents between the age of 35 and 44 reported moving at least once and one in ten (nine per cent) of the same demographic said they had moved more than ten times.

The older generation seem more inclined to have found a place to live and settled there. Around 15 per cent of those over 45 said they had not moved from their first home.

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