Cape Verde to offer good rental returns, says expert

26 September 2007
Boasting a hot climate and a growing tourism industry, Cape Verde could provide significant returns for overseas property investors, according to an expert.

Carley Todd, spokesperson for GEM Estates, said that the "largely undiscovered" islands are likely to become a popular investment destination due to the "expected" level of capital appreciation and rental yields.

Additionally, the country has an average temperature of 25 degrees C all year, so unlike other emerging markets, investors can expect a "realistic" 40 weeks of rental income, Ms Todd claimed.

"This is a real emerging market and prices are still relatively low and capital growth is expected to be massive, as are rental yields," she remarked.

According to Paul Collins, overseas property editor of BuyAssociation, tourist numbers are expected to increase significantly over the next few years as direct flights to Cape Verde from the UK become available.

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