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Energy bills lower in new-build homes

09 October 2007
Carbon-neutral properties and eco-homes may be more expensive to build, but could offer significant cost-savings for homeowners, according to one expert.

John Alker, public affairs manager for the UK Green Building Council, said the cost of building such properties ought to come down over time, as new technologies become less expensive.

However, homeowners are likely to find that the cost of running an eco-home is significantly lower than in other properties, Mr Alker claimed.

"Energy bills are going to be extremely low in the future as opposed to at the moment where gas and oil prices are going up and people are spending more on their electricity and gas bills," he commented.

As part of the Code for Sustainable Homes, the government stated that it would look to introduce a ratings system for properties based on their sustainability.

Under the initiative, properties with low carbon emissions may also be exempt from stamp duty for a certain number of years.

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