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Escapes2: Now is the time to invest in the USA

28 June 2007
British people looking to buy a property in the USA should make the move now, say property investment experts Escapes2.

With the pound so strong – the exchange rate is still hovering at £1 = $2 – and oversupply of homes, house prices have gone right down, but Escapes2 doesn’t think it will last much longer.

"The current exchange rate is historically high over the last 20 years, so if you've got cash to exchange for dollars then you're getting an awful lot for your money over in the States," said a spokesman, with the US section of the website advising “With the pound still strong against the US dollar, it is a good time to invest in Florida property.

“Our team in Orlando are currently negotiating substantial discounts on the list prices, with 4 bed villas in Orlando currently available for less than £150K.”

"Demand and supply will reach equilibrium at some point, prices will no doubt increase. This is the time to pick up a bargain," continued the spokesman.

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