Foreign Currency Direct: Brits go bi-lingual in a bid to buy homes abroad

02 October 2007
New research from Foreign Currency Direct has found that as one in four Brits up sticks and buy a home abroad, the interest in foreign languages is growing with one in ten making the effort to learn the local lingo.

Foreign Currency Direct has been running its ‘Bail out Britain’ campaign which has studied the reasons behind the recent increase in people migrating abroad and has discovered that just under a third (30%) of Brits are competent in a different language and a further 37 per cent attempt to keep up their language skills will regular visits abroad.

With the record number of Brits leaving the UK for new lives in the sun, the research has shown that of those learning a new language; seven percent are doing so with a view to buying a home in another country. However more than one in ten (11%) claim that the biggest motivation for taking the plunge and learning a new language is the desire to live and work in the adoptive country, not just own a holiday home.

The research also highlighted that the despite the general perception of Brit’s poor foreign language skills, the reality is that 22,487,000 (30%) of the British population is actually competent in a second language.

Peter S. Ellis, CEO of Foreign Currency Direct, comments on the findings: “Those considering a property purchase abroad need to take into consideration the practical impact of such a move - being able to communicate with the locals is an important way to ensure integration into a new community.

“We’re happy to see a certain number of Brits taking these practical steps before they make a move overseas. We would urge buyers to take a step back and consider the full financial impact of such a purchase too. Seeking professional advice when it comes to factors such as currency transfer can save you thousands of pounds which you can reinvest into finding the perfect property.”

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