Halifax finds Brighton best for property price growth

23 April 2007
The city of Brighton has enjoyed the strongest growth in house price per square metre, the second annual Halifax survey has revealed.

In the past decade, Brighton has witnessed an astonishing 280 per cent increase, exceeding London's 254 per cent and Truro's 270 per cent.

The average price of a property in the Sussex seaside city now stands at £2,559 per square metre.

While London may have come only third in terms of growth in the past ten years, it unsurprisingly still leads the way in terms of the most expensive place to buy property at £3,883 per square metre.

Oxford and St Albans are next on the pricey property list at £3,010 and £2,903 respectively.

While a property investment in Brighton could provide a boost to your financial outlook, earlier this year the city was also found to be the healthiest in the UK.

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