Halifax finds one in three will start househunting online

25 June 2007
The internet is the first port of call for many homebuyers, with one in three saying they planned to begin their house search online, according to Halifax Estate Agents.

Just ten per cent of people started house hunting for their current home on the web, but with the average homeowner moving every seven years, many could turn to the internet in the near future.

There is still work to be done among the older demographic, the study found, with just one per cent of respondents aged over 65 beginning their property search online.

But confidence is on the up among over-65s, with eight per cent saying their next move would start with web-based research.

Nevertheless, viewing a prospective future home in person remained popular, the Halifax found, with 30 per cent of people saying they spotted their last property while driving or walking around an area they liked.

Meanwhile, one online property search firm has identified a moderate improvement in the supply of affordable housing to the market.

Propertyfinder.com's chief executive Warren Bright noted that the number of properties changing hands over the last three months was eleven per cent higher than over the same period last year.

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