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Home Builders Federation calls on Gordon Brown to commit to housing

20 June 2007
With more and more potential first time buyers being forced to rent due to house prices rising four times as much as income, property is once again a hot political topic.

The Liberal Democrats this month announced their plans for a million new affordable homes by 2020, and the Government has made a commitment to building more homes, but the Home Builders Federation (HBF) says Britain’s next Prime Minster, Gordon Brown needs to go further, and create a new role within his cabinet - Secretary of State for Housing.

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman of the HBF, says their should be a minister concentrating on housing alone and proposes a mini-manifesto setting out five measures which they argue the new Prime Minister should prioritise in order to tackle the shortage of housing facing the country.

“Housing has not enjoyed its own Minister in Cabinet since 1969, when it was subsumed into the Department for the Environment,” explained Mr Baseley. “It is time housing was once more given the priority it demands – a Cabinet Minister with specific responsibility for tackling Britain’s chronic housing shortage.

“HBF is also putting forward a number of proposals in a ‘mini-manifesto’, which if adopted by Gordon Brown, will help to address the chronic shortage of over 60,000 homes per year facing this country.

“Chief amongst these is the need to bring forward more land with implementable planning permission, in order for developers to be able to provide all types of home across the market to meet the needs of consumers.”

Other measures include an easing on housing industry regulations, proper maintenance of the national framework target for zero-carbon homes, less targets and more freedom for developers to respond to consumer demand with the range and types of homes they need.

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