Homebuyers looking online

16 August 2003
An increasing number of homebuyers are looking for properties over the Internet, according to New Homes Marketing Board.

The organisation reported that last month the flagship website www.new-homes.co.uk received 10,000 hits, establishing it as the top online search facility for new homes.

"From the outset no-one in the property industry doubted that the Internet would become the ideal tool for homebuyers," a spokesperson said.

"Trawling High Street estate agents simply cannot be the most comfortable or effective way of looking for a home."

The success of the website, which was launched two years ago and now displays 80 per cent of the new homes available in the UK, was put down to its comprehensive and user-friendly offerings to customers.

Estate agents are increasingly turning to Internet or mobile solutions to facilitate home searching, viewing and buying.

The web offers both homeowners and homebuyers a more convenient and often more affordable means of getting the deal they want.