Homebuyers want to live in church

16 February 2005
Churches may find it hard to fill their pews for the Sunday service, but they'd be much more popular if they were converted into flats, a poll by property website propertyfinder.com reveals.

Converted churches were the homebuyers' favourite building conversions, followed by barns, schools and converted warehouses.

The converted church scored highly on the 'wow' factor, often offering a unique home with many original features.

Less popular was the fact that it often provides badly proportioned, illogical accommodation as it was not originally designed for living in.

"Many people criticise the UK for a lack of imagination in residential architecture, so it is good to see a healthy appetite for something outside the ordinary," comments Nicholas Leeming, director of propertyfinder.com.

The least popular conversion choice for homebuyers was the office conversion, which many respondents considered "characterless."

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