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Householders wish neighbours would value sound of silence

29 April 2005
Noisy neighbours are not just a strain on the nerves but could actually shave a significant portion off the price of your house, according to new research from property website

The survey found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that homeowners rated squatters as neighbours from hell, with 90 per cent of respondents rating illegal tenants as the worst neighbours to have.

However, the surprise comes with the fact that householders said they believed squatters could see a massive £25,884 - or 16.3 per cent - shaved from their property value because of noise and disruption.

The next worst neighbours were students, whom 63 per cent of homeowners hoped not to have to live next door to, for fear of seeing their house price dip by £6,828.

Noise was the worst factor cited by householders in describing their neighbours from hell - loud parties topped the bill with more than 40 per cent concerned about the noise, whilst noisy love-making worried a quarter of those surveyed.

"For people selling their home, the neighbours can make the difference between a quick sale and a prolonged process and have a material affect on what price sellers can achieve for their property," commented Nicholas Leeming, director of

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