How to move home more cheaply

02 May 2007
Moving home is set to become rapidly more expensive from June 1st when the Home Information Packs (Hips) are introduced, with the burden of payment falling on the home seller, Woolwich believes.

But there are ways to save in spite of having to shell out up to £400, head of mortgages Andy Gray has advised.

Sellers come to the property market with a distinct advantage, he argues, namely that they possess a rare commodity in short supply which other consumers desperately want.

As a result, estate agents will often be prepared to provide their services to sellers for below-average fees, Mr Gray believes.

"Agents are desperately trying to find enough good quality property to satisfy the increasing demand," he explained.

"The lack of property on the market is helping [sellers] negotiate deals with estate agents," he added.

By way of evidence, the cost of moving has fallen ten per cent in the last 12 months, so that it now costs around £4,666 to sell a home.

What is more, galloping demand means selling your home is often a much faster process than previously, as five times as many homes now sell in less than a month than one year ago.

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