Landlords have their business heads screwed on

22 March 2005
According to a new survey, landlords know a thing or two about business - they've successfully stuck to the business plans they set themselves a year ago and are astutely taking advantage of the continued strong demand for rental accommodation.

The survey from the Mortgage Trust reveals that landlords have increased their portfolios by exactly the margin they expected to in January 2004 - they anticipated a 1.1 increase, and they now have an average of 7.1 properties, compared to 6.0 a year ago.

These experienced landlords are also successful property managers, the research indicates, with void periods stable at a low 2.6 weeks per year and maintenance costs an average 12.6 per cent of rental income.

"Buy-to-Let is a specialist sector where experienced investors plan carefully to expand their portfolios and treat them in a business-like manner," comments Nicola Severn, marketing manager at the Mortgage Trust.

"Mortgage Trust's January Landlord Survey reaffirms the fact that professional landlords have not been put off by a cooling housing market.

"Respondents plan to continue to implement growth strategies over the next 12 months, with the goal of long-term capital gains."

The research also suggests that demand for rental accommodation remains strong, with 79 per cent of tenants working people without children, tempted by the flexibility offered by renting.

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