Multi-tasking women mean business when it comes to the property market, reveals Bradford and Bingley

17 September 2007
Women are a force to be reckoned with, as they are equal their male peers in terms of ambition and are juggling day-jobs, families and property investment, and take on much of the work themselves.

Research from Bradford and Bingley has revealed that more than three quarters of women who are in the investment property business are also successfully holding down a day job in addition to managing their own investment properties, and 42 per cent of those take on the majority of hands-on development/renovation work themselves.

The survey, which comes as part of the Bradford and Bingley Property Woman of the Year Awards, also found that 90 per cent deal with tradespeople personally, although, disappointingly, 48 per cent of those feel they are quoted higher prices as a result of being a woman.

The demographics revealed by the research show that neither age nor gender are a barrier in the female-owned portion of the property market, with a third being less than 30 years old when they purchase their first investment property, and 21 per cent are 50 years of age or older.

When asked what motivates them to venture into the world of property development, investment potential and pension replacement plans were cited as the main incentives. A strong urge to do it themselves is also key, with 71 per cent carrying out such work themselves as fitting kitchens, knocking down walls, plumbing, laying floors, and rewiring their properties.

Actress Fiona Fullerton, who is endorsing the Property Woman of the Year Awards and owns several investment properties to the value of over £2million, says: “Women are taking control by buying and renovating properties and are being hugely successful at it. Many women have a strong business sense and when combined with an innate ability to multitask and a key eye for design, it can often create a winning formula.”

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