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New detached countryside property is 'ideal' across the UK

28 August 2007
New research has indicated that the nation's ideal property is a newly-built, detached and located in the countryside.

According to Halifax mortgages, 50 per cent of people responded to a survey that they would prefer their home to be detached.

The firm also found that 22 per cent would like to live in new-build properties, while 30 per cent stated that the countryside was their ideal place to live.

However, environmental features were also popular among the respondents, with 63 per cent saying that they were desirable.

"The preference for new build detached properties shows that people want their home to be personal to them and that space and privacy is also important," said Phil Jenks, head of mortgages at Halifax.

Environmental issues have been a big topic in the media this year.

In July 2007, the Live Earth concerts were held to raise awareness of ecological matters.

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