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Official property data becomes publicly available

01 February 2005
People looking for information about properties can now access the Land Registry's database online.

For a fee of £2 people can potentially find out who owns a property, their mortgage lender, how much it cost, and also rights of way affecting the land.

All people now need to access this information online is the address of the property and a valid credit/debit card.

"The Land Register is a public database and as part of Land Registry's strategy we are committed to ensuring that it is accessible to everyone," said Land Registry chief executive Peter Collis.

He added: "Land Register Online will improve the transparency of buying or selling property and land in England and Wales; it is an integral part of Land Registry's aim to make property transactions easier for all."

The Land Registry believes the service will be useful for people who want to look at the register and/or title plan of their own property, to find out who owns a specific property or plot, to discover the extent of a property, and for contacting a landlord of a leasehold or rental property.

The website can be found at

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