One in five Brits wants to quit UK in search of sun and a property abroad

27 July 2007
With reports confirming that 2007 has seen some of the worst weather ever recorded, it seems that Brits are ready to leave the UK for warmer climates.

A representative sample of 2,315 people were asked by Foreign Currency Direct if they were considering a move abroad and if so, the reasons behind their decision. According to the data, almost half (44%) claimed to be doing so because of the quality of the weather – an increase from the 39 per cent recorded in May.

With the recent spate of bad weather and flooding experienced across the UK, it is not surprising that Brits are ready to make the move to the sun. CEO of Foreign Currency Direct, Peter S Ellis agrees: “Eight in ten Brits have fallen out of love with the UK. The appalling weather we have been having recently has been the final straw for many.”

Over half (55%) stated that familiarity with a country and friendly locals would be a deciding factor in quitting the UK. “Brits are heading abroad to places they feel at home and relaxed in and where a community is welcoming and hospitable,” adds Ellis. “We all become more sociable abroad; greeting strangers and chatting to fellow Brits which creates a sense of belonging and community that many feel is now missing from home.”

The data also showed that men are heading the charge when it comes to planning a home abroad (24%), and Londoners are most likely to purchase a home abroad (22 %) compared to 15% of Scots.

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