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Rural property prices out young

27 April 2006
The rural housing market is driving out younger buyers and families, according to a new report published today.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), which carried out the research, has called on the government to address the housing problems facing the rural population.

In urban areas, housebuilding levels have increased by 19 per cent, while in rural areas they have fallen by around four per cent. This is believed to be creating a mismatch of house prices in urban centres and rural communities.

New affordable housing builds have also been less in rural areas compared to urban ones, while the right-to-buy sales of council housing has also fallen by 36 per cent in areas that include rural communities.

The JRF's Lord Best said: "In our visits to various rural locations, we have seen and heard the impact of losses of council housing and the failure to replace them.

"The next generation of local people with a claim to live in those communities face seemingly insuperable housing problems."

The JRF has suggested a number of solutions for the impending problem, including making better use of existing housing stock and supplying more homes for those people who do not qualify for social housing but cannot afford cheaper housing.

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